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The Axis 360 team is excited to bring the power and flexibility of web streaming (and other great enhancements) to the Axis 360 app!

Axis 360 app screen displays with 'Checkout' and 'Download Now' and 'Stream' buttons
Laptp, tablet and phone displaying the same eBook page

Users will now be able to enjoy the same rich, interactive reading experience whether reading on your Axis 360 website or in the Axis 360 apps

Streaming Means Instant Gratification

Browser-based reading means instant access to what you want to read. With the new Axis 360 App you don’t have to wait for the 830+ pages of A Game of Thrones to download before you can jump in. Start streaming instantly wherever and whenever you want.

Phones displaying eBook downloading and streaming
An adaptive experience
Screenshot of eBook dispaying page number

Pagination based on the font size and screen size of your device

Screenshot of eBook dispaying scrub bar

The scrub bar slides you to wherever in the book you want to advance to or revisit

Screenshot of eBook dispaying remaining pages

Know where you are relative to end of chapters and position in your book

Screenshot of eBook dispaying scrub bar

Ready for the present and the future of digital content

Permissions, We Don’t Need No Stinking Permissions!

Phone displaying permission request screen

The new Axis 360 App does not ask for confusing permissions during installation – this is particularly great for Android users, who have been concerned with the app asking to access things that are not apparent as requirements for Axis 360 to work.